Stem Cells

Our Stem Cells are a part of our healing and repair mechanism. When we were young we had lots of stem cells that were fresh and energetic. Unfortunately our stem cells age as we do and so the repair mechanism also starts to slow as we age – the very definition of aging!! Think about how quickly a cut or injury healed when we were young or when we observe our kids or grandkids healing from an injury, and how that same process takes longer as we age! We have far fewer stem cells and the ones we have don’t work well as they are as old as we are. Look in the mirror and examine your lines and wrinkles – less healing=less collagen=wrinkles! Is it any wonder why older people have aging skin with more sun damage and appearance of age spots and other unsightly moles, warts, and even skin cancers?

Enter Stem cell therapy, or in the world of cosmetics – exosomes. This wonderful modality is being used to boost or augment our body’s natural ability to heal. We can boost our own body’s ability to stimulate  our older stem cells and then also release more stem cells from our bone marrow to improve our healing response. High dose Ozone can accomplish this boost to our healing by stimulating our own stem cells. PRP injections into the skin stimulates and attracts stem cells to start growing collagen and healing our skin. Finally, using exosomes, which are the healing packets that stem cells carry to an area that needs healing and releases then to begin the process. We can really boost skin healing and collagen formation with topical micro-needling of exosomes into the skin.

Other ways to improve our own stem cell function is changing our diet and lifestyle – a clean diet with mostly organic foods, less stress, more sleep, replacing hormones, and adding needed micronutrients through the use of nutritional supplements to replace what we don’t get from our poor quality processed modern food supply is very important. These are all easy first steps to looking and living younger!

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