Thomas Rohde, M.D.

Dr. Rohde has provided comprehensive and personal patient care in Decatur since 1991. In addition to patient care he has held teaching appointments with the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine as an Associate Professor.  He served as the Assistant Professor at the SIU School of Medicine for 15 years as active teaching faculty and also served as the Director of Academic Affairs.

In 2007, Dr. Rohde opened the RENEW TOTAL BODY WELLNESS Center providing an alternative in health care for patients. He prides himself on continually learning about new areas of testing,medicine and procedures. He has taken advanced coursework in alternative care therapies and procedures, most recently completing the Fellowship for Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine Through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Rohde continues to incorporate new treatments and new modalities into his practice and provides patients with better alternatives to traditional  medical practices.He has also taken advanced training and been educated in cosmetic dermatology and what he refers to as the “Looking Good, Feeling Good” arena of medical care using lasers and other modalities to rejuvenate the appearance.