Regenerative Medicine

We are now in the age of Regenerative Medicine which means Renew can help the body restore and heal using supplements, hormones, as well as concentrated extracts from our own body in the form of PRP or externally sourced products like Stem Cells. Read more below about how you can help keep your body functioning at its best and your skin looking good.

Our Body is Designed to Heal Itself

Many things can interfere with our Body’s ability to repair itself and heal:

Those we have no control over – AGING!!

Skin aging can lead to drier skin, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Gravity is NOT our friend! Remember how quickly a cut or even a sunburn healed when we were young ?? We had lots of healthy stem cells to release lots of healing factors that led to rapid healing. As we age this ability decreases as the number of stem cells we have available to heal decreases. Worse, our stem cells themselves are aging as we are and don’t function as well as they used to and therefor the amount of healing factors they can release decreases. As a result healing is slowed.

We need help with healing as we age to prevent these unwanted skin changes, and worse Dis-ease. Remember, the aging damage affecting your skin is also affecting your whole body!! Your skin health can only be as good as your overall health! Our health is not merely the absence of a Dis-ease as many of the unwanted changes that lead to a Dis-ease are occurring beneath the surface while we are living our daily lives. We want to prevent that progression to prevent Dis-ease from occurring. Next are some lifestyle items we can control to prevent damage to our skin, our body, and ultimately prevent progression to Dis-ease.

Those we can control – Diet and Lifestyle

Some Simple Places to make Changes to improve skin health:

Poor Nutrition

The SAD or Standard American Diet – is horrible for longevity and health! Processed foods loaded with chemicals from the “modern” farming practices we are told are necessary. Is Glyphosate – a known carcinogen – necessary in your food? Unhealthy fats are used in processing food ingredients which drive inflammation in the body. Remember – Inflammation damages your body’s cells! Then chemicals like flavorings and colorants are added to make low quality ingredients taste better. All of these “goodies” impede healing or WORSE – speed degeneration, aging, and lead to earlier onset of Dis-ease! Rethink what you’re putting into your body – buy as much organic food as you can afford and use healthy fats to prepare real food meals like your grandmother used to make.

Sun Exposure

I’m not talking about taking a walk in the sun which is actually healthy for us. Limited sun exposure without burning is vital for proper Vitamin D production which helps our immune system function properly – and actually prevents skin cancer formation! This is proven in many scientific studies! I’m talking about laying in the sun by the pool, at the beach, etc.. with increasing risk of sun burns. Prolonged UV light exposure damages our DNA and impedes proper healing. This leads to rapid aging – and wrinkles. Long term it increases our risk for skin cancers. Don’t think about sun screens as the chemicals in most of them are hormone disruptors and cause hormonal changes and are actually felt to be cancer causing! Think about a healthier choice – Renew can help you with healthier supplements to prevent skin damage and skin aging!


This loads the body with 100’s of toxins and even chemicals used in the processing of the tobacco! All of these toxins mixed together drive inflammation in the body and just smoking decreases tissue oxygen delivery – the most vital ingredient for cell health! Smoking is the second worst cause of skin damage behind the number one cause – prolonged sun exposure.

Stress and Sleep

Many of us are suffering with this one. Rotating shifts – killer for your body’s ability to heal as it never gets into a normal pattern of sleep! Staffing cuts at work and we’re asked to pick up the extra work. More to do so we take it home and then we sleep less – again bad for our body’s ability to heal.  We’re running on overdrive and our brains can’t shut down – it’s hard to fall asleep, and worse, we wake up in the middle of the night and our brain starts to run again. We restore our body at night when we sleep. Lack of restorative sleep rapidly ages our skin!


Toxins from our food and environment that build up in our body can interfere with our ability to produce hormones that helps us function and heal. I see many young women in their 20’s and 30’s that can’t get pregnant. As we start to explore we discover they are loaded with often dozens of toxins that affect ovaries and their ability to make appropriate levels of hormones. Hormones are the fountain of youth for our skin’s collagen structure! Low hormones equals wrinkles!

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