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Personal Care

Medical care has little to do with measurable data on patient outcomes, and everything to do with the interpersonal interactions between you, the patient, and me, your physician. Care is personal and involves only two individuals - a doctor and a patient. It is this relationship that allows us to connect with each other and share the details of your problems and together discover the solutions.

Treating the Root Problem

Metabolic or Functional Medicine is a unique, personalized approach to the evaluation of your body's function to understand the root cause of your symptoms by asking "why" rather than just treating symptoms.

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Hydro Massage now available at Renew!

15 minutes is equal to a 45 minute manual massage

Only $20 per Treatment – Buy 5 and Get 1 FREE !

Convenient – You Remain Fully Dressed and No Oils are used

Relax, De-stress, Invigorate – Be Renewed !!

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